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Jammates Ready to Record Cooper Tisdale Live Set
Tisdale Turns It Up Live Scheduled March 19th at Jake's Toadhouse

Who: Cooper Tisdale
What: Live CD Recording & Performance
When: Sunday March 19, 2006
Where: Jake's Toadhouse, 2272 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur GA
Early Show: 8:30pm (2-50 minute sets)
Tickets: $5.00 at the door

Cooper Tisdale will be ready to riff as he brings his own compositions to a live recording March 19th at Jake's Toadhouse in Decatur, Georgia. The recording, Tisdale Turns It Up Live, will be available for digital distribution through the Jammates 1-Set-LIVE online storefront and other Internet distributors worldwide.

Tisdale's decision to refocus his musical energies to his own material comes at a time when he is enjoying the most success of his professional career in Atlanta's vibrant music community. Cooper Tisdale serves as electric guitarist for Brazilian/world-music Rua 6, bandleader-guitarist for the Cooper Tisdale Trio, and composer-bandleader-guitarist for the newly reformed Cooper Tisdale Group featuring David Savage, Joe Reda, Jason LeMarca, and Juan Bonini.

"The time is now", says Cooper, "it's been 18 months since the untimely death of my musical right-hand man, Kenny Walker. My life is rich with many new blessings, and I'm ready to move ahead with the new band while remembering my good friend. My musical ideas have been brewing and it's time to let them out. In addition to the new material, we will incorporate some of the tunes from the two previous records, but we'll deliver with a fresh perspective. There is always more edge to live music than with music manufactured in a studio. We hope you'll join us at Jake's."


  For more information, contact Pat Patten at Jammates
(p) 706.333.0787 or (e) pat.patten@jammates.com
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Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "A sincere, emotive songwriter and an elegant player."

Creative Loafing: "the rock/jazz synthesis is as natural and fulfilling as it is hard to label."

Atlanta Press: "...when he hits on a bluesy riff and extrapolates from there, there's no doubt just how good this guy is."

Playgrounds: "...so beautiful it takes your breath away!

About Cooper Tisdale: After studying at California's Guitar Institute of Technology, Cooper Tisdale returned to Georgia to begin his music career, playing everything from rock to jazz and funk. Cooper has performed at Radio City Music Hall with the Indigo Girls and Carnegie Hall with Kristen Hall; and has opened shows for Chet Atkins, Steve Morse, REO Speedwagon, 311, Grover Washington, Jr., the Nixons, and Spyro Gyra. Tisdale has performed with members of The Band, the Crusaders, and Earth, Wind & Fire. Cooper Tisdale has released two independent CDs, Face Up and Up From Down, on Under the Hill Records. More information about the artist is available from his website Cooper Tisdale.

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