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Jammates Signs Mojo:Saint to Management & Artist Development Agreement

Atlanta / LaGrange Georgia 7-18-2006 ... Jammates Records signs Mojo:Saint to a management and artist development services agreement. Mojo:Saint, the newly formed contemporary blues band, features Billy Earl McClelland (guitar, vocal) at the helm with top-drawer sideman David Brazeal (drums). McClelland, best known for his time spent as a Nashville session-player, has teamed with Brazeal, life-long friend and veteran regional musician, to play the music that moves them most -- the blues.

“Jammates is very excited to be in business with musicians that have inspired us over our career”, says Pat Patten, Jammates Managing Partner. “I remember playing up against Billy Earl’s band W. C. DOAN back in the ‘70s, and knew then that there was something very special about him and any player playing with him.” Mojo:Saint is in full rehearsal mode this summer and will periodically play dates around the area to get the group ready for a fall regional roll-out. Patten adds, “We plan to track a live project on the band in mid-September with a targeted release date of mid-October on our Jammates label and also available online in our 1-Set-LIVE storefront." (JAM-0628-CD).

“I’ve been in the music business all my life, and played with a lot of folks”, says McClelland, “but with our new group Mojo:Saint, it’s like I’m doing it for the very first time -- and, it’s nice that even though it’s business, we’re all really good friends - my buddy David, plus Paul [Hammock], Coe [Cloud] and Pat, our Jammates business partners, who make up our management and production team ­ even my daughter Jessie is in the mix, serving the integral role of our street-team coordinator.”

Mojo:Saint is an Alabama-based contemporary blues band featuring rock and blues recording artist Billy Earl McClelland and veteran sideman, David Brazeal. The group’s first record will be recorded live in September with a scheduled mid-October release on Jammates Records. More information is available on the group’s website: www.mojosaint.com

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