Promotion / Fan Loyalty Development

Jammates Jazz Jukebox Submission Guidelines
Electronic Press Kit (EPK) creation and dissemination
Media Kit preparing and distribution management
Fan loyalty program including contact list gathering, tracking and management

Location Recording Standard Gear*

24 tracks of Tascam DA-38 MDM recording
(up to 2hrs uninterrupted runtime)
32 channel Soundcraft digital console
Microphones from Neumann (U-87, KM-84/85),
Beyer (MC 740), ADK (A-48), AKG (C-1000s),
Rode (NT-1s, NT-2), Shure (SM-58s/57s), Sennheiser (609s, 409s, MKH-60), Blue Ball, Audio Technica (AT-825)
Assortment of mic-pres & DIs from James Demeter, HHB, Bellari, Countryman, Rapco

Audio Studio Edit/Mix Standard Gear*
(Manley and Neve Mastering coming in 2006)

TDM Mix Plus Pro-Tools w/ 888 interface
Aardvark Time Sync II
Trident S-100 analogue console
Dynaudio BM-15s, Yamaha NS-10Ms
TC Electronic Finalizer
TC Electronic M-2000
DBX 165 (blackface)
Valley 610
Lexicon PCM-91, PCM-70
Tascam DA-30 / Panasonic SV-3700 (2) DATs
Tascam CD-201 / Panasonic vari-pitch CDs
Nakamichi MR-1 cassette deck
Hafler amps

Steven Durr control and isolation room designer

Sound Reinforcement Standard Gear*

16 channel Allen & Heath mix wizard
JBL 255s dual 15 subs
Custom built JBL tops (15", 10", 1")
QSC and Crown amps
16x6 monitor mix w/ DBX 31 band on each
6 monitor wedges (15"x1)
12 PAR 56 cans
100 amp power distribution
Photo / Video Location Production Standard Package*

Sony DXC-537 w/ Sony BVW-1A beta docked recorder (Cannon glass)

Video Post Production / DVD Programming & Authoring Standard Gear*

Apple G-4 2 Gigs RAM .5 terabyte of online drive space
Final Cut Pro
DVD Studio Pro
Sony BVW-2800 Beta SP record/play deck
JVC CR-850U 3/4" record/play deck
Sony DSR-30 DVCAM record/play deck

Website Development / Maintenance

Macromedia Studio MX (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Freehand)

*we can rent any specialty gear your project might require
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